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About Joe & Tina

Who are we and why join the free Wealth Club Network?

Not where you want to be now? We get it.  We've been there. We're a husband and wife team, a former small biz owner and also a corporate banker and real estate broker / investor.  After burning out in the corporate world after 20 years, losing most of our savings in the banking and real estate crisis, and then building a multi-six figure business with one mlm company in a few years, only to have that business crash and burn, we thought we were done!   

BUT, we started over with a new Plan, fresh views and insights about team, business, and wealth building based on our experiences.

Now we're showing everyone how we went from Zero to Hero and Top 5 in our company in 6 months. PLUS, we're offering a totally new and different type of social networking group with free business building, financial and wealth building tips!  Just enter your email below and look for our welcome email and link to our Wealth Club Network Facebook group!    

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