From Rookie to Rockstar

The Ultimate Guide To Being a Network Marketing Superstar in 2 Years or Less  

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What You Get

30+ Video lessons in 6 different modules from Tina and Joe that you take at your own pace.  Each module is designed to help you transform through our proprietary Rookie to Rockstar system by recognizing your skill levels and areas you need to focus, taking you from Point A Rookie to Point B Rockstar.  6 Different areas of Focus that we call Core Competencies with skill sets to master in each core competency to help you grow into your success.

Gain Confidence

Go from struggling, insecure Rookie not knowing what to say or how to do things, making little to no money to a confident, professional rockstar capable of making six figures or more and leading thousands of people in network marketing, using our R2R transformation system.

Be a Rockstar

Imagine yourself being up on stage, sharing your story in front of thousands, like Tina is doing here.  If you're looking to make $500 - $10,000 or more per month in a home business, this course will help you obtain the skills to get there.  Success is a Process. 
Here's it is.

Save Time & Avoid Fears & Frustrations  
We all start off as Rookies. 

We've been through it all ourselves. Not knowing how to start, where to start, what to say, whether it will work, afraid of what our friends and family we think. 

See those low points?  Those represent what we don't know and have to learn to move us forward to success. We will show you the skills to master for each low point. These are part of our R2R system.

We all have fears. That signifies only a lack of knowledge. When people aren't properly taught or expectations aren't managed, they quit and miss their big chance at success. 

But not you!  You want to be a professional, and you know it's important to learn from professionals.  We know what it's like to struggle. But we also know what it's like to succeed in network marketing! 
Industry Leaders to Guide You
Learn from proven industry leaders Joe and Tina Gonzales, who have built two different award-winning, six figure home based businesses, sponsored hundreds of reps themselves, and mentored and built teams of thousands of people.

Since starting, we've invested over $20,000 ourselves into our own training leading to hundreds of thousands of profits. We have now broken down what we have learned over the years into the R2R System at a very affordable cost for anyone who wants to grow their business and skills. 

Heck, the very first video will remove your fears and get your lightbulbs (or is that a stage light?) going off and be worth multiple times the cost of this course.  

Rock On

Limited time, value Priced at just $87, this training will help give you the skills and confidence you need to transform yourself and your teammates from where you are today, to where you want to be. Heck, the first video alone will be an eye opener and will change how you feel and how you look at yourself. 100% Guaranteed to improve your skills and understanding of Network Marketing or Your Money Back.* Lifetime access to the course so you can pace yourself! Use Coupon code "Rookie" at checkout and get $20 off! Offer ends 11/30/17! Upon checkout, you'll get immediate access to our training site and can start your transformation from Rookie to Rockstar in your network marketing career.


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